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Do you want to learn more about the IELTS test? The NLLC offers a face to face or Skype/LINE classes on how to prepare for the IELTS test. Here are links where you can know more information. Join the IELTS Face Book page and talk to others who know about it.






Are you a business owner in the Khon Kaen area? Does your business or company need to stay competitive in the newly formed ASEAN community? Do the staff of your company or business need to improve their English skills to increase profits? If you answered yes to any of these questions the NLLC team can help you. We offer specially designed workshops, seminars and training for your staff and employees. Have a look at these two websites for examples of how the NLLC can increase your business.






TOEFL and TOEIC are two very important tests that students must pass to be able to communicate and do business with native speakers of English. The NLLC offers special preparation courses for these tests. Here are links to know more information about these tests.