Welcome to our new Website!

Thank you for visiting our new website for Next Level Language Center. We are a growing language school based in Khon Kaen Thailand. We offer many types of English lessons to students of all ages. We are just getting started with this site and with the renovation of our new school offices. There will be a grand opening soon. Please bookmark this site and return often for updates. Please use the translate menu to view this site in another language. If you wish to contact us, please look in the sidebar under “contact us”.

New Educational Materials at NLLC

To make a better educational experience for students at the Next Level Language Center our team is always striving to provide the best materials possible. In the pictures below are just a few of the books and toys that we have recently added.


English Camps at NLLC

During the summer holidays when parents are trying to find something interesting, fun,  and educational for their kids to do, the NLLC offers English camps. These 5 day camps are much cheaper than a one week holiday in a place like Phuket. For a fraction of the cost your child can have classes in crafts, language arts, math, science, and swimming safety. Contact the NLLC team if you are a busy parent and would like your son or daughter to join one of our camps during a school holiday. Please view the media below to know more about these camps.


On Line Learning at the NLLC


Would you like to learn English in your home when you want to? Do you hate traffic and going to a school that is far away? Do you want to learn the parts of English that are important to you? Do you want lessons that are fun and interactive and not from a boring English book? If you answered yes to any of these questions the NLLC can help you. We offer lessons by Skype or Line for children and adults. Call Ann at 0899409226 or 0638916192 for more details.

English Camps by NLLC

ชาวจังหวัดหนองบัวลำภู สนใจมั๊ยค่ะ ช่วงปิดเทอมนี้ พาบุตร หลานของท่านมาเรียนรู้ภาษาอังกฤษกับทีมเจ้าของภาษา ของ NLLC ถ้าสนใจคอมเม้นท์มาเลยนะค่ะ ทางทีมเราอาจจะเสนอขอจัดโครงการที่โรงเรียนหนองบัววิทยายน หรือ โรงเรียนอื่นๆที่อยากมีส่วนร่วม ทีม NLLC ของเรามีแต่ครูที่มีประสบการณ์การสอนและกิจกรรมสอดคล้องกัน เด็กๆจะได้รับความรู้ สนุกสนานและกล้าใช้ภาษาอังกฤษมากขึ้น


Improvements at the NLLC

The Next Level Language Center continues to improve our facilities so that we can better serve our customers. Our reception and teacher areas have been upgraded with office equipment to make the business of teaching easy.


4 Days Until the Big Event

The grand opening of the Next Level Language Center is just 4 days away on December 17th. Please come by the school and bring your friends from 9 am to 9pm. Remember if you register for classes on that day you can get a special 20% discount. Thai and native English speaking teachers will be there to answer all your questions. See you there.